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Housing Act 1988
Eviction legislation is enforced under the Housing act 1988 with subsequent amendments and allows the landlord and tenant freedom to negotiate key elements of the agreement within a framework laid down by UK law.

Unfortunately, a landlord’s failure to comply with this law can cause problems.  One of the main causes cited for eviction is tenant arrears. Under UK law, landlords can serve a Section 8 if the tenant is in arrears.

Notice 8
As most tenancies are AST’s (Assured Shorthold Tenancies) a Section 8 can be served if the tenant is in arrears. If they are the required sum in arrears, the Courts MUST grant repossession if asked (subject to lots of legal requirements).

Notice 21
A ‘Section 21 Notice‘ (the right to recover possession without any fault on the part of the tenant) can be served on the tenant at any time after the tenancy starts but Court proceedings cannot be taken until the initial period of the tenancy has ended (normally 6 months).

The need for accurate application when serving either or both a Section 8 & 21 is essential.  There are numerous ways in which Notices can be rejected by the courts if the legal rules are not followed.

Miles Turner, MCIH – Principle

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Mr. Landlord offer over 30 years experience in residential property management with a 100% eviction success rate to date.

Miles Turner, CEO, is a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing and has delivered numerous lectures throughout the UK on rental law & best practice.

Offering a low-cost eviction service, Mr. Landlord have saved users thousands of pounds owing to their knowledge and experience of legislation and best practice.  The site allows landlords and their agents to complete and immediately print out correct repossession Notices under both Section 8 & 21 as per Housing Act 1988 with subsequent amendments.

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If you answer the questions on this site truthfully and correctly, the Notice you give to the tenant will comply with the complex legislation and help to regain possession.